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UN Decade for Women Nearing End
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UN Decade for Women Nearing End

Did you know that the ten years from 1975 to 1985 is officially the United Nations Decade for Women? Quoting from Report from the Hill, August/September, 1983 issue:

"In 1985, a conference will be held in Nairobi to mark the end of the United Nations Decade for Women. At that meeting, the situation of women world-wide will be reviewed and directions for the future charted. You may remember that the mid-decade conference, which was held in 1980 in Copenhagen, was diverted from its focus on women by the introduction of political issues that the conference was not mandated to resolve. One result was that the United States did not endorse the plan of action emerging from the conference.

In an effort to keep such a situation from arising at Nairobi, representatives from several women's groups have begun meeting to determine what steps need to be taken now and plan for what women's groups can do in the coming months to see that the Nairobi conference will focus on the advancement of women."


October 16 World Food Day

October 24 UN Day

Oct. 24-30 UN Disarmament Week

October 31 UNICEF Day

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