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Neighborhood Board Study Committee Organized

President's Message

Your board, like many boards in the past, has been examining member involvement and interest. On one hand, we are discouraged by the small attendance at general meetings; while on the other hand, we are encouraged by the activity and success of our subject committees. It seems many of you prefer the research and action of a committee.

Our newest chair, Mildred Walston, reports that the Neighborhood Board committee is enthusiastic and hard at work, but they are looking for people to attend Neighborhood Board meetings in their own areas and to report back to the committee.

In the area of natural resources, Joan Davenport of the State Board is acting coordinator. Mary Jane McMurdo has volunteered to watch pesticides, but Honolulu needs some-one to monitor the resource recovery project planned by the City and County. Please call Joan or me if you are concerned about environmental issues.

Hopefully, those of you who are not active in League now will focus on an area and join a study committee. It's a good way to get to know people and to participate without a big commitment of time. We realize it may be difficult to call someone you don't know to ask to join a group, but, believe me, you will be welcomed warmly.

Another way to get involved is to work with the Legislative Action Committee. League always monitors certain issues during the session, and we need bodies to follow bills and to testify. Try it, and I'll bet you get hooked!

Speaking of participation, let me remind you of our theater party on November 27. Please use this event to approach non-Leaguers. We do not want you to feel obligated to buy all the tickets sent to you, but we would like you to ask friends to buy them. This is one fund-raiser that can be fun for those who donate money.

Remember, League people make interesting, reliable co-workers. I know!


Arlene Woo

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