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Airing of Proposed Zoning Changes Draws Sizeable Audience

"You know, women can do this sort of thing just as well as men!" a bemused (male) participant told Dorothy Murdock at the Zoning Workshop at the Marks Estate on November 15, sponsored by the League Planning and Zoning Committee and Hawaii's Thousand Friends.

Dorothy registered about sixty-five participants as the Department of Land Utilization's CZC revision team presented a first-time-ever slide show and a panel discussion to explain the zoning changes being proposed in DLU's draft text of the new "land Use Ordinance" which would replace the 1969 Comprehensive Zoning Code.

The gentleman's conclusion seemed justified. LWV president, Arlene Woo, opened the meeting; Kathy Albu of HTF spoke briefly; DLU's team manager, Barbara Moon, and Kathy Sokugawa made up two-thirds of the panel; and Carol Whitesell was discussion moderator. However, League doesn't discriminate, and DLU director Mike McElroy and team member, Scott Ezer, were on the program too.

The discussion was lively and informative and provided a good kick-off to DLU's efforts to involve the community in the process of re-writing the island's zoning regulations. The questions raised at the meeting, and suggestions made for revision of the proposals will be taken under consideration by DLU as they complete a second draft of the proposed text for general public review. Altogether, it was generally agreed, the meeting was stimulating -- and fun, too -- words not too frequently associated with the subject of zoning.

Helen Griffin was in general charge of the workshop arrangements, Rhoda Miller did the publicity and public relations, and Claudia Gauen saw to it that gallons of coffee, tea, cocoa and pineapple juice, plus ample quantities of solid goodies were on hand.

Astrid Monson

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