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Christmas Luncheon
President's Message (Arlene Woo)
Airing of Proposed Zoning Changes Draws Sizeable Audience (Astrid Monson)
Preparing for Phase II National Security Consensus
League Gears for Second Round of ERA Fight
Hearings for Development Plans Scheduled
FEC Ruling May Affect Debates
League Theater Party a Smash
Charter Amendments
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League on American Voices Series
Plans for News Release of Consensus on Arms Control
Membership Update
National Security - Consensus on Military Policy and Defense Spending

From National

League on American Voices Series

From Communications Chair, Rosalind McGee, comes news that League is participating in a syndicated radio series called "American Voices," in an effort to increase nationwide exposure for news about the League and its issues. The American Voices series will air on 87 radio stations around the country and consists of 90-second commentaries presented by public interest groups and trade associations, all representing di-verse viewpoints on issues.

League began presenting two commentaries a month in October and will continue through February.

In Honolulu, radio station KIKI (83 on the dial) is carrying the series. We are encouraged to drop national a postcard if we hear the series and let them know what we think. National also suggests that we call the station and thank them for carrying the series.

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