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Charter Amendments

Last year, League took a stand against passage of the package of amendments to the Charter of the City and County of Honolulu. We did not oppose all the amendments; we objected to having to accept all of the amendments or none at all.

Various amendments are being proposed for possible placement on the 1984 ballot. Thus, League members might want to refresh their memories on our positions on the Council and on the Charter. Copies of both are in the office.

Basically, we are in favor of part-time Council members who are paid salaries which reflect this part-time commitment. We have no position on a salary commission, but we do believe that those setting salaries should in some way be accountable to the public. We do not specify the desired number of seats or the Council, but we believe that the number of district seats should exceed the number of at-large seats.

During the Charter Review hearings, we supported the de-gendering of the language of the Charter. We have been told that the work of changing the language has already been done.

If any new proposals surface, we will evaluate them in light of our positions and take action accordingly.

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