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National Security - Consensus on Military Policy and Defense Spending

News Bits

Jacqueline Parnell has joined Honolulu Board as vice-president, replacing Anne Reeves who resigned earlier to join the work force.

Jacqueline, a League member since 1974, runs a consulting service. She has worked as an environmental planner for the Department of Health and her latest position was that of Director of the Office of Environmental and Quality Control.


We still have a number of Gold Bond coupon booklets for sale at the office. These booklets are a bargain for $6.00 One night at the symphony concert would more than pay for a booklet. You can buy a dress a Sears and get a second one for half price. You can take a dollar off of your next new or refill prescription at Longs and for film processing and developing. Skate Castle offers a discount of $1.00. And, if you eat your way through the booklet, we can almost guarantee a fattened pocket book and waistline.

Give the office a call, pick one or more up, or reserve some to be delivered at the December luncheon. The coupons are good till August 31, 1984.


Thanks to Mildred and Joe Walston, we won't be falling over each other around the front desk anymore.

Rotelcom, a company that sells inter-connect phones to business establishments and offers long-distance phone services, was talked into donating a phone, and Joe will be installing it for us in the inner office. It will only be an extension phone, but it will be a great time and step saver.

MAHALO to all three.


As this Voter went to press, Nan Luter and Claire Gregorcyk were busy getting read} for the SHOPO vote count -- checking the envelopes as they poured into the office every day, alphabetizing them, etc.

We would like to thank all of you who will have helped with the vote count on Wednesday, November 30, and those who will have helped Helen Griffin and Arlene Ellis with the UPW vote count on December 3.

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