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President's Message

The other day while in a bookshop, I picked up a book I'd been hearing about -- THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER. But being Scots with a history of volunteerism, I refused to pay $6.95 for a thin little paperback. However, once home, I wished I had been less frugal for the League, for I could benefit from some quick management tips from someone.

Your board and I seem to be discussing the same issues that numerous others before us have contemplated over the years, i.e., member involvement., working mothers, program and money, Every new board tries something different to provide exciting programs which will make members eager to take part. Still, our number hovers around 235, with a small core of people actively involved.

Each time I sit down to write the President's Message, I am tempted to scold and try to make everyone feel a little guilty about now doing more for League, but that negative approach makes me feel guilty. We realize that many of you are unable to attend meetings or get involved in committee work, but we would like to hear from you occasionally to learn whether we're fulfilling your expectations. We realize that your placing of your names on our membership roll is a genuine form of support which is invaluable to League's mission.

So, I would ask you to think about our methods and our program, and plan to attend the January 28 meeting when we will be discussing program selection for 1984 and the long range plans for League. The fall issue of the National Voter will provide background on national program, and you can thumb through old Aloha Voters or annual meeting booklets for Honolulu program.

In December, we hope you will put on your new red muu and join us at our traditional Christmas luncheon. Nan Luter, our hard-working Program Chair, has secured a lovely spot for us at Canlis.

Speaking of Nan, we owe her a big hand of applause for the outstanding job she did on our theater party. I don't know how many times she ran back and forth between the League office and HCT, but it paid off in a very enjoyable evening for all who attended "The Dining Room." Thanks to everyone who helped with the success.

Happy Holidays,

Arlene Woo

Merry Christmas

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