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Do You Have Two Hours for League?

HERE IS AN OPPORTUNITY for all Leaguers to participate in the current study of "Techniques and Effectiveness of Neighborhood Boards" -- and in the doing, gain background information to aid you in the consensus meeting coming up in the fall.

The Neighborhood Boards Committee is asking all Leaguers to help in the study by attending at least one Neighborhood Board meeting between January and July and reporting your impressions back to us. You may visit any of the 28 Boards, not necessarily the one in your area. We are particularly desirous of getting reports from outside the urban core. Commit-tee members cover much of the area from Downtown to Hawaii Kai, but the remainder of the island is virtually a big question mark to us as to Neighborhood operations.

The report form on which to record your reactions is enclosed with this VOTER. Call the Neighborhood Commission office (523-4087) for meeting time of the Board you are interested in visiting. Sunshine prevails at all Neighborhood Board meetings, and your attendance will be most welcome. Following the meeting, be sure to fill in the enclosed report and return it to the League office. Additional forms are available, should you wish to visit more than one Board.

Another opportunity to get involved in this study is to assist Dorothy Murdock's sub-committee interview knowledgeable citizens in the community to find out their assessment of the effectiveness of the Neighborhood Boards. This task will also be a short-term, quickly-completed one, and one which is fun according to those who have previously con-ducted League interviews. If this appeals to you, call Dorothy (536-0477) and volunteer to help.

A big Mahalo to all League members who are willing to give an assist in either or both of the above activities.

Mildred Walston
Neighborhood Boards Study Committee

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