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League Announces Support for Nuclear Weapons Freeze
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General Membership Meeting - Looking Ahead with League (Anne Marie Duca)
League Testifies at City Planning Commission Hearing
Bettye Harris Appointed Refugee Coordinator
Preparing for National Security Consensus -- Phase II
Do You Have Two Hours for League? (Mildred Walston)
Let's Talk about Council
How Much Time Does it Take to Be Active in League?
Presidential Debates
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Forum on the Electronic Revolution

Forum on the Electronic Revolution

A public forum entitled "The Electronic Revolution -- Its Impact on the News Media, Our Society and the Individual" will be held on January 20 and 21 at the Ala Moana Americana Hotel. Sponsored by the Honolulu Community-Media Council in cooperation with some other organizations, it will examine the question of whether "the present and future electronic devices and systems of information dissemination is good for us as individuals and for our cultures or if we are permitting, without philosophic and cultural questioning, vast changes in our social behavior and in our society."

The forum will open Friday evening with an address by Raymond Topkis, Communications Director for Time, Inc. on "The Electronic Revolution: Today and Tomorrow," followed by a panel discussion by Dr. Stuart Gerry Brown, Don Carroll, Dr. Philip Bossert, Senator Mary George and Bob Sevey and moderated by Norman E. Isaacs.

The first session on Saturday will address the problem, "Opportunities and Dangers on the National and International Levels," with speaker, Dr. Charles M. Fire-stone, Director of the Communications Law Program at UCLA, and a panel discussion by Godwin Chu, Jean King, Dr. Seymour Lutzky, Dr. Richard S. Miller and A.A. Smyser with Gerald Sumida as moderator.

In Saturday's second session, "How the Electronic Revolution Affects Hawaii" will be the topic for panelists Reuel Denney, H. Bair Kidwell, Matt Levi, Don Robbs and Barbara Tanabe with George Chaplin as moderator.

Luncheon speaker, Dr. Mary Bitterman, Director, State Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, will discuss "The Government's Role -- Regulation/Deregulation?" This will be followed by a commentary by Dr. Stuart Brown, Professor Emeritus, American Studies, University of Hawaii.

The total forum package which includes dinner, lunch and registration fee costs $30. Dinner and registration fee only is $20, lunch and registration fee only is $15, and registration fee alone is $5.

For further information and the registration form, call Ah Jook Ku at 521-6323.

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