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General Membership Meeting
Looking Ahead with League

DATE: Saturday, January 28, 1984
TIME: 9:30 a.m. Lunch at 11:30
PLACE: Hale Koa Hotel 2055 Kalia Road
COST: $8.00 for lunch


George Orwell's worst predictions have not come to pass. While we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, we must all realize that it is everyone's responsibility to make sure that Big Brother never controls our thoughts and that our government is always responsive to the needs of its citizens.

The League, through its members, is keeping watch on our governmental structure, but are we doing enough? Should we be more involved? What else do we need to study, monitor, or act on? Are there areas not currently included in our program that we should move into? Is our action always as effective as it might be?

THIS is what our January membership meeting is all about. We need all of you to help chart League's role for 1984 and beyond.


To help us determine our future course, the national board is trying an innovative approach to program planning for the 1984-86 biennium. Included in national's preliminary program-making material for local leagues is a "suggested program" aimed at stimulating discussion among members. Our national board is giving us their suggestions for action and study items. Our reactions to these program ideas will be aired at our January meeting, and our decision, with the approval of the Honolulu Board, will be passed on to national.

Look over the suggested program in your fall National VOTER and come prepared to react to national's suggestions.


Our local program also needs your thoughts. What should the main thrust for 1984 be? Transportation? Housing? Water/ air quality? Or, with an important election year facing us, should our main push be directed toward a voters service campaign?

With an ever-decreasing voter turnout indicating a potentially damaging national trend, perhaps our organization can make the greatest contribution by highlighting voters service in our 1984 program.

What do you think we should be doing in Honolulu? How can the League of Women Voters of Honolulu make its greatest impact?


We still enjoy freedom of thought in our country. A firm commitment to League's goal -- encouraging informed citizen participation in government and politics -- will ensure that we always will. Come to the program-planning meeting and contribute your ideas. Help League carry out its goal.

Anne Marie Duca

Return registration blank REGISTRATION FOR PROGRAM-PLANNING MEETING and check made out to

Nan Luter to:

Nan Luter

League of Women Voters 49 S. Hotel St. #314

Honolulu HI 96213

Name Phone Number Amount enclosed

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