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Looking Forward... Busy Months Ahead
President's Message (Arlene Woo)
League Announces Support for Nuclear Weapons Freeze
Legislative Committee Gearing up for Action
General Membership Meeting - Looking Ahead with League (Anne Marie Duca)
League Testifies at City Planning Commission Hearing
Bettye Harris Appointed Refugee Coordinator
Preparing for National Security Consensus -- Phase II
Do You Have Two Hours for League? (Mildred Walston)
Let's Talk about Council
How Much Time Does it Take to Be Active in League?
Presidential Debates
Advocacy Agenda
Forum on the Electronic Revolution

Taken from the Wisconsin LWV Forward

How Much Time Does it Take to Be Active in League?

Do you have an extra 5 minutes once a year?

In 5 minutes you can pay your dues.

That's being active in League.

Do you have an extra 20 minutes once a month?

In 20 minutes you can read what your dues paid for:

The Aloha Voter

Leo Hana

The National Voter or

if you are a speed reader, All Three.

That's being active in League.

Do you have an extra hour or two here and there?

Look at all the things you can do with them!

You can vote

Talk politics to a friend

Make phone calls, write letters

Attend a meeting once a month

Join a resource committee

Observe a governmental body in action

That's being active in League.

Do you have a spare 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?


That's being active in League.

The more you do, the more fun you will have. The more every member does, the more the League can do.


Taken from the Pittsburgh LWV Voter

All levels of commitment in the League are acceptable. We need to eliminate the concept of "inactive members," once and for all, and instill "League without guilt."

What we strive for is to have League members committed to our organization forever. We cannot expect nor do we want you to give 100% of your time for life. The League is a place to learn and grow and give back again.

We want you to feel comfortable "just paying your dues" and to move in and out of League activities as your time commitments and priorities change. This is not possible un-less we WELCOME everyone.

Remember, your League of Women Voters' dues work for you even when you can't.

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