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Matching Nuclear Weapons to Strategy (Mark Garrison)
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[Matching Nuclear Weapons to Strategy]

"Increasing concern among Americans about the dangers, costs and moral implications of planning for nuclear warfare is evident. A national debate seems to be underway which may lead to reexamination of basic tenets which have guided US security policy in recent decades."

"....the purposes of US nuclear weapons remain un-changed -- to deter a conventional or nuclear attack on Europe or a nuclear attack on the US -- and difficult weapons choices must still be made. Many Americans may not be pre-pared to examine the options in detail, either because the issues are complex or because they have doubts about the desirability or usefulness of any weapons. But if they opt out of the decision-making process, they will pass up the chance to bring their common sense and their practical or moral concerns to bear on the decisions -- decisions which can influence the course of the US-Soviet arms race, affect the likelihood of nuclear war, and prejudice future re-examination of US strategic doctrine."

– Matching Nuclear Weapons to Strategy: Lessons from the MX Decision – Mark Garrison

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