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News Bits

Honolulu League is entitled to send two delegates to the national convention, May 13-17. We can only afford to send one - the incoming president. If anyone will be in the Detroit area during that time and would like to attend as a delegate, please contact Arlene Woo.


Thanks to Yvonne Kearns, we don't have to look so apologetic every time we take the master list of names and addresses to Copy Center for our mailing labels. She volunteered to retype the list, so all the Xed out labels and the stains and the penciled-in corrections are where they belong


National's Budget Committee is recommending the raising of the PMP to $13 from the present $12. National's facing the same budgetary problems so many of

the local leagues are facing. The present lease on their office space expires in 1984 and they anticipate a raise in the rent when they negotiate a new lease.


From National's Government Chair, Virgina Schwartz, comes news that the national board has reaffirmed its support for the policy of urging networks to exercise voluntary restraint and not project elections results before the polls close across the country.


With the 1984 Legislative session almost a week old, Marion Saunders and representatives of some of League's commit-tees were busy sorting out the bills that have been introduced thus far.

Any caricature of Marion would have had to include arms loaded down with tons of bills, This year, we're happy to learn that she will have the strong arms of Barry Trebor-MacConnell to help her gather the bills and transport them to the League office.

Others present at the meeting at the League office were Michele Wallace, Martha Black, Joan Davenport, Suzanne Meisenzahl, and Marian Wilkins.

Be sure to mark March 20 on your calendar.

League's Transportation Committee will be presenting a program entitled "What's Fair in Fares" featuring William Bonnet, Director of our City Department of Transportation Services at our membership luncheon meeting. It will be held in the Special Events Room at Liberty House Ala Moana.

We need to have at least 35 people for the use of this room, so please start drumming up some interest in this event among your friends. Details will be in the March Voter.


"Drunk Driving: Everyone's Problem" is the subject of a conference entitled "An Evening with Candy Lightner," at the McKinley High School auditorium on Wednesday evening beginning at 7:15 and at the Hilton Hawaii. Village, Tapa III on Thursday, February 16 from 8:00 a.m.

Featured speaker will be Candy Lightner, founder of M.A.D.D., Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Barbara Tanabe, Larry Price and Lin da Coble will be moderating three different panel discussions.

There will be no charge for the February 15th session. The $12 fee for the Thurs day session will include lunch. For reservations, call Joretta Young - 395-3837, or write to Drunk Driving, Auxiliary/HCMS, 320 Ward Ave. #200 Hon. Hi. 96814



-- the proposed budget for 1984-85 -- the proposed program for '84-85

-- the slate of nominees for the various offices and the Board.

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