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President's Message

League celebrates its 64th birthday on February 14. Don't you think a new member would be a nice present from each of you?

"Founded in 1920 at the culmination of the 72-year struggle to gain woman's suffrage, the League's first charge was to educate 20 million women on how best to exercise their new political rights and responsibilities. Though its programs and priorities have changed over the years, the League has remained true to its basic purposes:

- to foster citizen involvement and develop citizen leaders,

- to help people understand public issues and how government works,

- to promote discussion of government policies, and to influence public policy."

Facts about the League of Women Voters, 1982

With those goals in mind, I would ask you to think about the exciting and essential voter service projects we might work on this election year. Shall we register voters? Shall we sponsor a debate for the candidates for Mayor or for Prosecuting Attorney? Can anyone write some public service announcements for radio or TV? I look forward to hearing what you would like to have League do.

Luckily, we have four more vote counts coming up this month and next, so we should have some extra money for election activities. Please check the calendar for specific dates of the vote counts and call the coordinator with the hours you can work. You all help LWV in these jobs, but the coordinators would worry less if they knew in advance whom they can count on the day of the count.

I realize we have a lot going on in February, but that just means League is a vital organization. Hopefully, you will all find time to attend one of the regional meetings planned by the national security committee because the committee has worked very hard producing an informative videotape. By combining the video with a live discussion, the committee hopes to make you feel better prepared for the consensus meeting on February 25. As you may recall, LWV of Honolulu was not able to reach a consensus on Phase I of the national security study because the attendance was so small, and the Board did not feel it could represent the membership at large.

Let's make certain we can let National know what we think, this time.


Arlene Woo

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