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League-Sponsored Presidential Primary Debates Scheduled

"Many political strategists and campaign officials have concluded that the televised debates now under way among the eight candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination are emerging as the most important equalizing force in the race for the nomination.

"In fact, now that the campaign of Senator John Glenn appears to be flagging, some of these political professionals say the debates represent the major obstacles remaining for former Vice President Walter F. Mondale." --New York Times, January 27, 1984

These televised debates provide forums for all the candidates who would not other-wise be able to attract much of an audience and are, therefore, considered especially important for what James Bacchus, press secretary for former Gov. Reubin Askew of Florida, calls the "second tier."

The League of Women Voters is the sponsor for four of the debates being held in various parts of the country. The Feb. 23rd Manchester debate was not aired by any local station nor by CNN. The Atlanta de-bate, the Pittsburgh debate on April 5,. and the Dallas/Fort Worth debate on May 2 may be viewed on CNN by subscribers to Oceanic Cable System and TV Systems Inc.

The 1½ hour Atlanta debate will be cablecast live via satellite by the Cable News Network (CNN) over the Oceanic Cable System and TV Systems on Sunday, March 11 at 12:00 p.m., Hawaii time. It will be moderated by John Chancellor of NBC.

The same program will be replayed on Monday, March 12 at 8:00 p.m. on CNN. Check the April and May program guides for the dates and times for the rest of the de-bates.

Check the April and May Oceanic Cable-vision program guides for the dates and times for the rest of the debates.

Quoting from the Jan. 27th New York Times article again:

"The later primaries and caucuses (after the New Hampshire primary) could be influenced by major debates that the League of Women Voters has scheduled The March 11th debate, two days before the "Super Tuesday" primaries in Alabama, Georgia and Florida, is regarded as a potentially decisive point in the Mondale-Glenn struggle.

"It (careful planning) is based on the candidates' awareness that, whether they start as long shots or front-runners, the televised debates are now the most important public events on the campaign schedule."

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