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News Bits

Carol Whitesell and Astrid Monson were among representatives of community groups interviewed in connection with a study being made of the island's land use management system.

"In November, the City Council hired SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute) as consultants. SRI's task is to describe the procedural components of the city land use management system, determining both structural and procedural aspects that impede its operational efficiency, and identify opportunities for improvement.

"The final report of the consultants, due May 31, will include specific recommendations for changes in any or all of the following items as they relate to land use management: the City Charter, the General Plan amendment process, the Development Plan amendment process including interim development controls, the rezoning and variance processes, the special design and historic, cultural, and scenic districts processes, the subdivision process, the shoreline management area process, including shoreline setback variances, the state agricultural land use district special permit process, and building code processes."

The Housing Coalition, Feb. 1 1984

Preliminary findings and recommendations will be presented to all those interviewed for further comments and suggestions.


Honolulu League has been identified by a survey of all State League Presidents as one of a small number of particularly healthy and dynamic local leagues. In shaping a membership development campaign and strategy for the years to come, national league is in the process of learning more about the leagues so identified, and especially about how they have dealt with issues of membership growth and diversity.


Katie Loew, one of our newest members, will be doing "Viewpoint" for Honolulu League. If you have any ideas for this minute and a half broadcast over KHVH radio, she'd love to hear from you.

League has been invited to send representatives to the organizational meeting of The Foundation for Hawaii Women's History sponsored by Senator Spark Matsunaga. It will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 10, at the Prince Kuhio Building cafeteria on the fifth floor.

The people involved in planning for Women's History Week for the past few years felt that there should be an ongoing organization promoting women's history and a foundation was formed about a year and a half ago. It has been finally incorporated, and representatives from various organizations are being invited to join.

Two publications will be ready for distribution soon. The Written Record of Hawaii's Women is an annotated guide to sources of information in Hawaii covering women's literature, manuscripts, dissertations, biographies, etc. Agnes

The Changing Lives of Hawaii's Women --- Progress Since Statehood is a contemporary historical record including the writings of forty-two contributors. League's Arlene Woo and Anne Lee are included in the list of contributors.

These publications, co-sponsored by the foundation and the Honolulu County Committee on the Status of Women, will be distributed to schools and libraries, public and private, and are available to individuals for a fee.


Members are requested to notify the League office of any changes in their mailing addresses. The mailman charges League 25¢ for every piece of returned mail.


From the Hawaii Committee for UNICEF comes this announcement:

"To celebrate Spring and the promise of new life to Third World children, Beretania Florist will give to UNICEF a portion of your flower purchase price, during March and April, 1984, at any of their three locations: 1293 South Beretania, phone 521-7431; Down-town, Bishop Square, Alakea St. entrance, phone 523-6702; and at the Waikiki Shopping Plaza Florist, phone 923-8648.

"Remember Beretania Florist's generous offer during March and April, and please mention UNICEF when you place your order."

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