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President's Message

We've been so lucky with vote counts this year! As you know, vote counts are our main source of income, and, I might add, the one that seems least painful for League members. Fortunately, we have had people like Claire Gregorcyk and Nan Luter to act as primary coordinators for us. And now, Laura Goo has come out of semi-retirement to work on the Hawaiian Telephone Credit Union and the Alu Like vote counts. I urge you to check the VOTER for a list of our jobs and to call and volunteer to work on as many elections as you can. Our coordinators are just as busy as we all are, and they find it time-consuming and frustrating to have to call all our members for each job. Please call now, even if you get the recording, for League will benefit greatly from a few hours' help from you.

I would like to applaud our National Security Committee's venture into the electronic world. The videotape they produced for the regional meetings was an excellent way to pre-sent some complex material on military policy and defense spending issues. Our consensus report to LWVUS will be submitted by the March 15 deadline, and National League will re-port back to us by the end of April. (Our Phase I position which focuses on arms control negotiations may be found in the Board Reading File in the office.)

Dee Lum, Transportation Committee chair, prepared excellent testimony on bus fares and other transit issues for us to present at the City Council's public hearing last month. However, on observer from another group, after hearing me speak, commented that we should be called the "Republican League of Women Voters."

Speaking of the City Council, Helen Griffin and I spent about an hour and a half talking with Councilmember Akahane who had expressed an interest in joining League. We were pleased that Mr. Akahane's desire for effective and efficient government is consistent with League's. We are processing him as a prospective member with the hope that he will join LWV.

Our thanks also go to the hard-working Budget Committee made up of Marilyn Bowman, Opal Sloane, and Laura Goo. The proposed budget and program for 1984-85 are published in this issue so that you may study them prior to voting on them at annual meeting, April 19, The budget figures reflect only Honolulu expenses and income, contrary to the old method of budgeting with reimbursements from LWV-Hawaii. If you have any questions, please call me or a committee member.

As we go to press, the Nominating Committee -- Dee Lum, Marian Heidel, Helen Whorton, Nan Luter, and Anne Reeves -- is still hard at work. The slate of officers for next year will be mailed to you one month in advance of annual meeting as dictated by the By-Laws.

If I don't see you at a vote count, I'll see you at the March meeting.


Arlene Woo

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