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Publications of the
Department of Planning and Economic Development

Available for use by our members are three recent publications of the Hawaii Department of Planning and Economic Development.


    The size of the Honolulu telephone book, it is chock full of every imaginable data . You can find the resident population of counties and districts, in-migration figures for various years from U.S. mainland and from other countries, and even characteristics of out-of-state travel by Hawaii residents for 1979.

  2. QUARTERLY STATISTICAL AND ECONOMIC REPORT -- State of Hawaii -- First Quarter 1984

    Prepared by the Research and Economic Analysis Division of DPED, the purpose of this report is to present information and analysis concerning current statistical and economic trends affecting Hawaii.

  3. Proceedings of a seminar: ATTRACTING NEW BUSINESS TO HAWAII -- August 3, 1983 --Kahala Hilton Hotel. Sponsored by Hawaii Business Roundtable and DPED,

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