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Annual Meeting
President's Message (Arlene Woo)
Resolutions on Arms Control in State Legislature
Transportation Director Explains Rationale for Bus Fare
LWV President Dot Ridings to Come to Hawaii
Another Win for League in its Battle to Keep Hawaii's Air Clean (Anna Hoover)
Convention '84 - May 13-17
Two Studies Proposed - Nat'l Security, Financing the Gov't
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Membership Update


Convention '84 - May 13-17


Excerpts from the message from President Dorothy Ridings reads:

"The setting is Detroit -- dubbed lately as SuperCity USA -- melting pot of nationalities and cultures, a city itself facing the challenge for creative revitalization. The League faces a similar need to expand horizons and respond even more to the breadth and depth of issues of our times.

"As we convene in Detroit's Renaissance Center, we are reminded that traditionally the biennial convention offers a time of renewal for League members. We renew our commitment to work for the League purposes --informed and active citizen participation in government.

"Face to face in Detroit, League members will have the opportunity to examine national issues and determine which ones will get League study and action. We will talk seriously about how the League will respond to the many issues that are shaping the course of this country's future. We will, undoubtedly, set priorities in order to make the best use of our human and financial resources."


-decide the national program for 1984-86

-elect officers and directors

-elect the chair and three members of the Nominating Committee

-decide the Per Member Payment for the biennium and adopt a budget for 1984-85

-consider policies or proposals that are brought before the convention

-vote on proposed amendments to the by-laws, the basic document governing the LWV

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