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Resolutions on Arms Control in State Legislature
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Convention '84 - May 13-17
Two Studies Proposed - Nat'l Security, Financing the Gov't
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Membership Update

News Bits

The YWCA is seeking nominations for their leadership awards in the areas of business, communications, professions, community service, labor and the arts. The Honolulu Board has nominated Astrid Monson and Marion Saunders for the community service award.


Helen Griffin will be representing League on a panel before high school students on May 9. She will be speaking on citizen participation in government.


Dorothy Murdock was just beaming over the quick response we got from Council Chair, Patsy Mink. League sent her a letter complaining about the faulty sound system in both the committee room and the Council Chamber and the irritation of TV camera lights shining directly into the eyes of the audience. Chair Mink wrote that she had instructed staff "to take immediate corrective measures" as far as the sound system was concerned. She has also distributed copies of our letter to each station crew for their consideration, and further, is considering rearrangement of furniture to reduce some of the glare.


From the news bulletin of Holy Trinity

In their "Ideas for Lent" column is this suggestion:

Attend City Council, parish Council, or Board of Education meetings, or a concert or League of Women Voters meeting; something really out of character for you.


By the time you read this, we will have completed the Hotel Workers' Ratification vote count which came up so suddenly we did not have time to publicize it. Mahalo to all of you who responded to Nan Luter's call for help.

Incidentally, we made $581.88 from the Pearl Harbor Credit Union vote count and $260.00 from the HSTA strike vote count.


Pamphlets on the Virginia Satir Workshop discussed in the right-hand column are available in the League office.


Arlene Woo has a friend who will be visiting our wonderful state from June 10 to Aug. 1 with a 1½-year old son. She wants someone to help with light housework and to mind the baby when mother steps out. Call Arlene for more information. (537-6534)


Arlene's mother sent her a clipping from a San Antonio paper with some gems underlined. And we quote:

When a little bird tells you something, don't repeat it till you find out whether the little bird is a cuckoo.

Tackle any difficulty at first sight, for the longer you gaze at it, the bigger it grows.

When all is said and nothing done, the committee meeting is over.


Get set for some fun time at the East-West Center International Fair on April 7 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Set to take place in and around Jefferson Hall, it will feature entertainment, food, exhibits, demonstrations and contests. About thirty countries will be represented in this event presented by East-West Center cultural groups, alumni and Friends of the East-West Center.


VIRGINIA SATIR on Family Therapy and Holistic Health is the title of a workshop to be held in the Campus Center Ballroom of the University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus. on May 17 and 18 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. It is sponsored by the UH School of Social Work Continuing Education Program and The National Association of Social Workers, Inc.

Virginia Satir was named the most influential therapist for other practitioners in the field by the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry in a report on family therapy across the nation in the early 1970's.

In this two-day workshop, the plan is for Virginia to use the first morning to discuss concepts which will help participants to understand the functioning of families, friend-ship and work relationships and to learn her approach to helping families in their quests for healthy functioning. That afternoon, she will work with an actual or simulated family in order to demonstrate her approach.

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