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President's Message

First, let me encourage you all to attend the Annual Meeting on April 19 at the Waikiki Yacht Club. We have tried to schedule this important meeting at a time and place that would appeal to our working and non-working members.

Annual Meeting is the time when the attending League members set the program and the budget for the coming year and elect the officers who will determine the actions for the organization. It is considerably more than a cut and dried event where the new officers take over where the old ones leave off, so if you can't make the dinner, try to come for an hour or so for the business meeting.

Speaking of making decisions, the Board would like suggestions for voter service projects for this summer and fall. We also need a nominal chair. I, for one, would like to work on some pre-election activities but do not wish to chair a committee because I will be away-for an extended period.

And along the action line, our Development Director, Craig Whitesell, informs us that the corporate and the direct mail drive letters are almost ready for mailing. We might be calling on you to personalize letters or to make follow-up contacts soon.

Thanks to Chair Dorothy Murdock of the Council Observers, Council-watchers now will be able to hear as well as see what is going on at meetings in Honolulu Hale. Dotty wrote a letter to Council Chair Mink suggesting improvements in the audio system.


I would like to thank my Board for being so reliable during my term as president. I especially want to thank the office volunteers who enabled us to keep our doors open to the public this past year. We are indeed lucky to have such dedicated people in our group. My job was made much easier because of help from responsible League members like these.

I've been proud to be President of the League, and I have learned a lot. But, as I find myself looking forward to weeding my yard and cleaning out my drawers, I am happy to relinquish the role to Dee Lum. I am certain that Dee and next year's terrific Board will make 1984 a very good year for League.


Arlene Woo

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