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Resolutions on Arms Control in State Legislature

Frank Eldridge, a member of our League's National Security Committee, brought to our attention several resolutions on arms control that have been introduced or were about to be introduced in the Legislature.

H.R. No. 59, offered by Kathleen Stanley, urges the United States and the Soviet Union to immediately begin serious negotiations with the goal of implementing major, mutual, and verifiable reductions in the existing stockpiles of nuclear warheads, missiles, and other de-livery systems.

H.R. 21 urges the U.S., the Soviet Union, and other nations .of the UN to adopt a treaty to permanently abolish the production, stock-piling, and use of chemical, biological, and radiological weapons, with provisions to be included in the treaty for verifying and en-forcing compliance with such agreements.

H.R. 212 urges the United States and the Soviet Union to begin serious negotiations immediately with the objective of developing an effective treaty to ban the use, testing, and the deployment of any type of anti-satellite weapons system.

One of the two resolutions that had not been introduced as yet has to do with agreeing on a comprehensive test-ban treaty, and the second resolution urges the U.S. to consider adoption of a policy of no-first-use of nuclear weapons.

On a somewhat related matter, Council Chair, Patsy Mink has introduced a resolution which was adopted by the Honolulu City Council. It would establish a city-pairing relationship between Honolulu and Sochi, a resort city in the USSR.

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