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Convention Highlights

Nan Luter, Honolulu's delegate to the National convention, reported her impressions to the Board at the May meeting. The overwhelming enthusiasm was for the President, Dot Ridings. (We will have our own opportunity to hear Dot at State Council on June 2). A second enthusiasm was for the dedication to the League expressed by each delegate -- even when they were discussing a point. And discuss they did. The Long Range Plan and the Per Member Payment discussion occupied considerable time. A questionnaire was devised to record the number of delegates agreeing or disagreeing to various parts of the plan.

A reworded mission statement received support. Strategy directions were analyzed and weighed; membership, advocacy, national assistance to state Leagues, reshaping of national publications, and cost accounting were some of the areas reviewed. Following intense discussion, an increase of $1.00 was made in the PMP. This means that local Leagues will have $1.00 less to retain from membership dues, and it also means you can anticipate discussion at our next annual meeting about dues increase. Finally, Nan returned loaded with lots of reading material, candidate-type buttons, and her own enthusiasm for our organization.

Watch your next LWVUS VOTER for more details.

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