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President's Message

Greetings! Your Board and I look forward to this program year Is we put together events and programs designed to stimulate your thinking, entice your attendance and participation in League activities and perhaps even permit a smile to cross your lips. Your ideas are welcome, so drop me a line or give me a call and I'll share them with the Board's event-planning committee so it will be to the benefit of us all.

We will be looking at subjects for our meetings within the context of our recently adopted local study program as well as broad League-related issues. One of the issues discussed at convention was the recently completed "Long Range Plan for the League of the 1980's". The Plan is the result of work mandated by the 1982 Convention. Our own Pat Shutt participated on the LRP committee; its work included the collection and analysis of information, the formulation of a mission statement, and the development of procedures to monitor and update the plan once it has met with approval.

Nan Luter, our League's delegate to the Detroit Convention, participated in discussion on the proposed plan; the National Board will consider the proposal at their June meeting with implementation to follow their decision.

The heart of the Plan is the mission statement which along with its objectives and strategy directions become the specifics for implementation. To quote from the report: "It is the committee's considered judgment, after two years of research and deliberation, that the very survival of League as a viable organization is at stake over the next few years. The plan responds to that reality in two ways. First the plan deals with the League's structure. Second, the plan deals with the League's role in the world and with the League's image."

The mission statement defines the League's fundamental reason for existence and the scope of its activities. It highlights the distinctive competencies of the League that make the League unique and apart from other organizations. Additionally, it provides an overall sense of direction toward which the organization is moving; it acts as a foundation statement upon which general objectives and strategic directions can be built.

In short, it is an interpretation of the purpose (as stated in our bylaws) that describes a contemporary version of the League and how the basic purpose will evolve.

And evolve we must! Watch ALOHA VOTER, state publications, and national information, for more details on "THEPLAN". Then bring your enthusiasm for productive change to our Fall meetings.


Dorothy Lum

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