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Third Phase Added to National Security Study

At the 1984 National LWV Convention in May a motion was carried to add to the on-going study for consensus on security and foreign policy, i.e.

- - to examine the interdependent nature of an international relations program, including innovative ways to promote global security;
- - to examine U.S. economic and military aid to developing countries and the relationship of that aid to U.S. international economic and political interests.

NOTE: A motion on conflict and survival using the terminology "conflict without war" and "non-partisan foreign policy" was not carried.

PHASE I CONSENSUS - This was published earlier. If you didn't see it, leave a message for any one of the committee members: Marian Heidel, Frank Eldridge, Joan Davenport, Helen Whorton, Dottie Gullicksen for a copy.

PHASE II CONSENSUS - This is a condensed version of the position paper sent out by national. If you are interested in seeing the text in its entirety, call Dottie G., or any of the other committee members -- or leave a message at the office.

To protect United States interest at home and abroad through the use of non-military measures, including diplomacy, mediation and multi-lateral cooperation, with military force as a tool of last resort.

Any decision to defend another nation militarily should be in support of clear foreign policy goals in specific circumstances.

The League believes that nuclear weapons should serve only a limited and specific function -- that of deterring nuclear attack on the United States. The goal of US military policy, however, should be to ensure that nuclear weapons are never used.

NUCLEAR DETERRENCE - Vigorously pursue arms control negotiations. League does not support unilateral elimination of intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles and long-range bombers; and at the same time does not support modernization with weapons systems that are vulnerable or increase incentives to attack first.

NATO - Defense of NATO allies should continue to be shared. League urges continued efforts to negotiate mutual and balanced reductions in conventional forces in Europe.

League also supports US commitment to defend NATO allies with conventional forces and does not support use of US nuclear weapons in the defense of NATO allies.

League opposes deployment of US nuclear weapons in Europe and opposes FIRST USE of nuclear weapons.

OTHER COMMITMENTS - To defend Japan and other allies with conventional forces and rejects any nuclear role there or around the world.

DEFENSE SPENDING - Examine defense spending in the same way as spending for other national needs. Give priority in defense spending to readiness over investment. Give priority to operations/maintenance expenditures/military pay over research/development/procurement. Increase efficiency and improve accountability.

KEY ELEMENTS in national security include the country's ability to implement social and environmental programs and maintain cooperative relationships with other nations; effective political leadership; a strong economy. Defense spending should be assessed in terms of the impact on the nation's economy and the government's ability to meet social and environmental needs.

WRITTEN AND RECORDED MATERIAL AVAILABLE - The local leagues have participated in two consensuses -- on national security. National has published some interesting written and recorded material on Phase I and Phase II of the national security consensus. All of this is available to the general membership. It includes a workshop outline, guide to question and answers between the public and the league, and a radio tape. Contact me for copies at 247-4298.

Dottie Gullicksen

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