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Action! Outside the Urban Core

Have the longer summer evenings found you restless? Television reruns have little to offer...? Want to get out of the house..? Become an active member? Attend a Neighborhood Board meeting --it only takes two hours and it's fun!

As an observer for this League's Neighborhood Board Study Committee YOU can see how the Board system works. It's your government and your tax dollars in action: The people, the processes, the group dynamics, make for an interesting evening where you gain insight into the city's system for citizen participation. Try it - you'll like it, and more importantly it may inspire you to become more active in other League and government affairs:

We need your reports on boards outside the urban core -- like the North Shore, Windward and Central Oahu, etc.

We already have reports from Downtown to Hawaii Kai, We now need them for the rest of the island, AND WE NEED THEM NOW!!

Call your Neighborhood Commission office at 523-4087 now for the scheduled meeting times of the Board(s) you're interested in visiting -- REMEMBER, OUTSIDE THE URBAN CORE. Your attendance and your reports are appreciated.

Take the "Observation Sheet" on Pages 5 and 6 with you to the meeting. If you need more pick them up at the League office between 9 - 11, M - F. MAHALO for all your help:

Nancy Marker

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