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Mayoral Debate??


Hawaii's upcoming election season is almost upon us and many people are counting on the League's assistance and experience in voter information campaigns. Organizations, businesses and the media have begun asking for support that only our voter service reputation can give them.

The Honolulu Board and Nan Luter, the Voter Service Chair, began last month with plans that will get our trusted information before the public. Our plans are endorsed and all involved think they are exciting projects for the League to tackle. After all - when we're doing what we do best, all the work and time commitment pays off for everyone.

We've been contacted by a local television station to sponsor MAYORAL DEBATES after the Primary, and possibly a PROSECUTING ATTORNEY DEBATE.

We have agreed to do a special, never-before-done project with Liberty House in September.

We are working on the best possible ways to get our timely and pertinent pick and choose voter information out for more people to read. This refers to the "PICK A CANDIDATE" and "CHOOSING THE PRESIDENT" brochures.

We will set up a SPEAKERS BUREAU to answer the calls from schools and other organizations asking for speakers to explain/inform the up-coming election. We will brief our volunteer office staff on answering election questions.

The State Board has started plans for a much needed explanation of the Board of Education election by publishing an excellent B0E tabloid distributed through the newspapers. This is in answer to the concern and interest of our members in electing a truly effective School Board.

There's lots to do, and lots of fun doing it!

Please join us. Call the League office (531-7448) and volunteer some or all of your extra time!

Jerry Hess

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