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Mayoral Debate?? (Jerry Hess)
President's Message (Dorothy Lum)
Space - The New Battleground? (Dottie Gullicksen)
Action! Outside the Urban Core (Nancy Marker)
Success Demands Second Time Around!
Kudos to Vote-Count Volunteers!
Observation Sheet for Neighborhood Board Meetings
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President's Message

As summer ends, members and the Board will be gearing up for 1984-1985 activities. This being an election year makes it a busy one with Voter Service projects, in addition to planning events for the community and ourselves!

Leadership comes from the Board, but the work is done by many good and faithful members. There are many jobs to be done and you are- all encouraged to call Nan Luter at 732-6013, or the League office 531-7448, to offer aid in the Voter Service projects or Dorothy Marsh if you want to help with meetings. Nan has been aided by Jerry Hess who got the V.S. ball rolling while she was on vacation. Please read Jerry's front-page report carefully and plan to give your time and enthusiasm this Fall:

While Dorothy Marsh works on events, Marty McGurk is assigned the in-League task of coordinating committee work and action. This is a new position whose job description will evolve through the year. It is one way of responding to the National LWV long-range planning committee's suggestion that innovative ways of using volunteer time and ability be tried.

Eloise Pekelo has worked hard developing the new format for this ALOHA VOTER. She'd love some feedback regarding its readability. She encourages continued story material and thanks those who now write for the VOTER. If one or two can help with the mailing, we'd appreciate it:

Dottie Gullicksen and her committee are moving into the next phase of the National Security study. Now is a good time for members to join the committee and become involved in this most important and timely study.

Our other committees and the city council observers continue to work diligently; they are always ready to receive willing members. Call the office to offer your time.

Board Vice-President, Jean Aoki; Secretary, Sue MacKinnon; Treasurer, Marilyn Bowman and off-Board chairs for Finance and Membership are all striving to continue the coordinating effort and leadership necessary to continue League's activities. Participation by every member is an asset and guarantees the success of all....


Dorothy Lum


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