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Space - The New Battleground?

While local and national leaguers have been struggling with arms control issues for earth, sea and air, the military has been growing like a mushroom in space! Would you be surprised to learn that most satellite technology for peaceful purposes is interchangeable with military purposes? -- or that the majority of military communications for the United States and the Soviet Union are satellite-controlled (70% for the U.S.)?

Our existing space treaties dealing with MASS DESTRUCTION IN SPACE; allows loopholes for the Reagan administration to opt for funds for specific satellite-killer weapons. This new "Lethal Toy" area was first estimated at $240 million and now at between $18-$27 billion spread over the next few years. In the next five years, the government's projected expenditure on ALL strategic defense programs is anticipated to run as high as $43 billion!

Leading scientists and military leaders feel the LASER, (the Directed Energy satellite-killer on which the administration is now concentrating) will never reach a point of effectiveness, and if it did, it would not guarantee survival. If only 10% of all Soviet strategic warheads penetrated U. S. missile defenses, that still would mean 750 nuclear-killing explosions! MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) --stockpiling offensive weapons-- would still be necessary. The SATELLITE KILLER WEAPONS will mean a new level in the arms race. We have been tragically ineffective in arms control in the earthbound arms race. Do we want to go on to Weapons-Killer Weapons placed on Satellites in space, to kill Satellite-Killer Weapons-Killer Weapons?

STOP IT! You CAN do it! Contribute to National LWV today as Dorothy Ridings has requested, with the form below. ACT ARMS CONTROL TODAY IT'S OUR ONLY ANSWER!

Dottie Gullicksen


YES, Dot, I too am worried about this latest threat to peace! The League of Women Voters must take the lead in lobbying the Congress and educating American people to the danger of an enormous new arms race in space.

Here is my special contribution:

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