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National Security Takes New Direction in International Relations

Now that consensus on Phase I and Phase II have been reached by local Leagues throughout the nation, and Phase III won't be taken until 1985, the nation League is taking new directions in long-range planning!

In the League of the future, members will probably receive comprehensive study materials by mail with a consensus tearsheet to be answered and returned.

After 18 months of untangling brain waves on arms control and military and defense spending, the Honolulu national security committee of five heartily frees itself from consensus-taking -- until next year --Abut is glad to have done it!

We will now turn to group study and educational inter-change on current issues falling under the umbrella of international relations. There will be planned researched input by at least one member at each meeting.

There will be a group discussion of pros and cons. In two or more additional meetings the group will attempt to form a statement on the particular issues being discussed.

If the statement falls within positions already established, a member may volunteer to carry it into advocacy at State or local level. Training in advocacy skills will be offered by qualified members of the group.

Meetings will be held every two weeks at locations and times agreed upon by group majority. All types of participants are needed for a dynamic growth group.

Come join us at a meeting that is convenient for you -- and maybe -- become a member? Call Dottie Gullicksen (247-4298). It's an active committee and we can vouch for the addictive and stimulating nature of the subject of national security, and the educational interchange on current issues of international relations. Join us!

Frank Eldridge, Helen Whorton, Joan Davenport, Marian Heidel, and...

Dottie Gullicksen

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