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General Membership Meeting and Budget Workshop
President's Message (Dorothy Lum)
Voter Information on City Charter Amendments (Marty McGurk)
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Membership Update: Welcome New Members
How Do League's New Positions Plug into the National Action? (Dottie Gullicksen)
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People Deserve the Government they Get! (Barbara Marumoto)
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Budget-Making in City Government

President's Message

November 6 we will all be going to the polls! We have many ballot items to consider in addition to the candidates for office.

Review your October Voter for the proponent and opponent views on the Date-Laau Initiative.

Look within this issue for information on charter amendments: Note State constitutional questions: 1) Tax refund questions (HB 1213) repeals the requirement that excess revenues be refunded to taxpayers. 2) Deadline for introducing bills (HB 1947) allows the legislature to establish the deadline for introducing bills in session and prior to the 20th day. 3) Recess question (HB 1948) removes the restrictive dates for recess. It allows each session to determine deadlines by majority vote. 4) Legislative salaries question (SB 2072) removes restrictive provision for salary payment; allows payment to be made according to provisions in law.

Read the information on national security prepared by Dottie Gullicksen on Page 5.

You listened to the national debates, but you might not have realized that in several states on the mainland there were also congressional debates sponsored by Leagues; the main topic was national security!

Debates, or candidates forums, are one of many Voter Education/Service projects held nation-wide by members of the League. Although we were not successful this year in providing the community with the opportunity to hear the two major mayoral candidates discuss issues on television, we will start planning now for 1986 voter service projects.


You hear that often, and we depend on our members for many things:

PARTICIPATION IN DISCUSSIONS.... OBSERVING AT CITY HALL.... STUDY COMMITTEES.... ACTION ON POSITIONS.... VOTE COUNTING.... TYPING AND OTHER AIDS. We need some of you to help staff the office.... ONE DAY A MONTH! or ONE DAY A WEEK! We stand ready to train you in the fine art of answering the phone and finding information required by League mates OR the public! Don't hesitate. We'll answer your call!


Dorothy Lum

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