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January General Meeting
President's Message (Dorothy Lum)
Report on Voter Services (Nan Luter)
Federal Tax Policy - The LWV Fiscal Policy Study
1985 Agenda for Superpower No. 1? (Dottie Gullicksen)
1985-86 Program Planning
What If There Was an Election and Nobody Ran?
Honolulu League Testifies at City Council (Astrid Monson)
Welcome to New Members
Calendar - Meetings/Events: 1985

1985-86 Program Planning

Program Planning for League begins with YOU the member, by attending the April '85 annual meeting when program items will be decided by members. But first you are urged to bring forth areas you feel should be studied by League.

Review our current Honolulu program, which includes Planning and Zoning, Transportation, Neighborhood Board, Sources and Uses of City Funds, and City Government. Call the office if you need a pamphlet to review. If you decide that League should study an additional area, let your Board members know. Write your proposal and submit it or attend the January 21, 1985 meeting and make your presentation in person.

Remember that study areas should lead to action at the city level. Call Dorrie Marsh, Marty McGurk or Dee Lum for further information.

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