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A Report on Voter Services

Busy season for Voter Services Committee began in June and continued through October 1984. We staffed a station at Liberty House in Ala Moana Center, where we registered 178 voters; and at Bishop Museum's Family Fair, where we registered another 78.

A forum was also conducted at McKinley High School for candidates for the Board of Education. Many people expressed appreciation for the excellent tab-load newspaper containing profiles of the many candidates, which the State League produced and distributed. 41 volunteers, representing about one-fifth of our membership, devoted a total of approximately 200 hours to voter registration efforts and the McKinley forum.

Some League members also made talks at schools in response to requests we received.

The Board has recommended that Voter Services become an on-going committee, which would begin planning immediately for the next election, with particular emphasis on the 1986 race for Governor!

Nan Luter

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