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New Publications on Our Book Shelf or on File in LWV Office

Arms Control: Verification and Compliance by Michael Krepon

This monograph was made available to League by the Foreign Policy Association. "It is intended to provide the non-expert audience with basic information about arms verification and compliance. Basic concepts of verification, political arguments surrounding verification and Soviet views on verification and treaty compliance issues are also discussed in this publication."

Minerals--Foundations of Society by Ann Dorr

This book, made available to us by the Memorial Library Fund of the League of Women Voters of Montgomery County, MD, is an outgrowth of a study begun in 1980 by their Natural Resources Committee for their League information meetings. This paragraph from the cover letter gives us the focus of book.

"The amenities of modern industrial society would be impossible without the use of large amounts of many different mineral commodities. Even the most basic needs of energy, food, and water could not be provided without them. No industrialized country is self-sufficient in mineral resources. Yet, minerals are commonly ignored when resource issues are considered. Their availability is inextricably tied to the stability of societies -- to national and global security. They are related to economic, environmental, social, and political issues in which League members are interested."

Facts on PACs: Political Action Committees and American Campaign Finance

Several copies of this book which is reviewed in the Fall National Voter are available for borrowing in the League office.

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Dr. David Ramsour, Chief Economist, Bank of Hawaii, says in his opinion one of the most incisive and comprehensive reports available on the U.S. budget is the report of the President's Private Sector Survey of Cost Control, printed for popular consumption as the book "Burning Money" by J. Peter Grace, Chairman of the Survey....

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