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President's Message

This Voter contains the required information for members in advance or the Annual Meeting.

The purpose of the meeting is to "a.) adopt program for the ensuing year, b.) elect officers and directors, members of the nominating committee, c.) adopt an adequate budget, and d.) transact such other business as may properly come before it." [Note: The report of the Nominating Committee will be sent to all members one month before the date of the Annual Meeting.]

The budget committee has been able to plan next year's expenses without raising member's dues. This is possible because of the many hours donated to League in vote counting, helping with the direct mail drive appeals and through generous monetary contributions made by members at the time of their membership renewal.

The Board is recommending that Honolulu retain the current level of programs for another year. We are about to reach consensus on the neighborhood boards action can be the planned. Both planning and transportation committees speak to issues at council or department levels while the city funds study, opted at last year's meeting, has just begun its research. The 20 or so members involved in these committees continue to make valuable contribution to the wider membership's under-standing of those subjects just as discussion on the LWUS studies (National Security/International Relations and Financing the Federal Government) add to member's "information bank."

With the addition of administrative hours, volunteer staffing of the office and voter service projects, the Board feels that we are well occupied.

You, the members, have the final word, so be sure to attend the annual meeting!

The Board of Directors accepted with the resignation of Dottie Gullicksen as chair of the National Security Committee. We thank her for her energetic leadership and anticipate her Continued participation in membership events and discussions.


Dorothy Lum

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