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Local Government: Emphasis on open and responsive government. Action to include observing the City Council, testifying and lobbying on issues which relate to League positions, and a validation of the following points of our current League position:

1) Council should have reliable and independent sources of information to assist in its legislating and policy-making duties.

2) The League supports the concept of the citizen legislator. This is defined as being one who gives only part of one's time to public service -- that may be part of a day, some weeks or months or a few years away from the private sector.

Planning And Zoning: Promote member and public understanding of the planning process. Promote city planning which includes overall development objectives la encourages citizen participation. Promote action on planning, zoning, and housing;

Transportation: Retain current position that will promote understanding of Oahu transportation needs and problems among members and public.

Neighborhood Boards: Action on newly adopted position.

Sources and Uses Of Funds at City/County Level and Possible Alternatives
Study of the budget for the City and County of Honolulu shall include an assessment of:

1) User fees as a means of funding,

2) Alternative methods of funding including the privatization of services,

3) Other sources and uses of funds.

Adoption of a Honolulu Program does not preclude members from forming study groups on areas under study by State or National, or on positions held by State or National. Honolulu' a study committee currently working as part of the National League's International Relations/National Security study program. Members have met as part of the Financing the Federal Government study adopted by members at the 1984 LWVUS convention; interest in forming a study group to continue study of this program can be indicated to the Honolulu Board.

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