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Annual Meeting - April 26, 1985
President's Message (Dorothy Lum)
State Convention is Coming
Neighborhood Board Consensus - Unit Meetings
Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!!
Vote Count - Volunteer April 8 thru April 20
Public Forum on "Peace and Human Needs"
1985 National Council
New Directions in Planning, Zoning, and Housing (Astrid Monson)
League Joins Women's History Week ... Status of Women
Warm Welcome to New League Members...
Kudos for "Dames at Sea" work
League and Community Calendar - April/May 1985

A Public Forum on "Peace and Human Needs"

A public forum on Peace and Human Needs will be held on Saturday, April 20, 1985 from 8:30 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. at the Harris United Methodist Church on 20 S, Vineyard Boulevard.

Featured speakers include Rev. Darrow Aiona, Chair, Hawaii State Board of Education; Leigh-Wai Doo, Member, Honolulu City Council; Gregory Elliott, Vice-President, Service Employees International Union, Local 556, AFL-CIO; The Honorable Jean King, former Lt, Governor of Hawaii; and Alfred Lardizabal, Hawaii State Representative.

Voice your concerns, and join with others in proposing alternative courses of action, and sending messages to our political leaders on the federal budget and the critical Peace and Human Needs issues of the day.

The forum is jointly sponsored by The Hawaii Alliance and the Hawaii Coalition for a Nuclear FREEZE.

Members may contact the FORUM COMMITTEE at the sponsoring organizations OR Leaguer Frank Eldridge if you wish to attend. Registration is $5 for lunch, Forum materials, and report.

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