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Annual Meeting - April 26, 1985
President's Message (Dorothy Lum)
State Convention is Coming
Neighborhood Board Consensus - Unit Meetings
Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!!
Vote Count - Volunteer April 8 thru April 20
Public Forum on "Peace and Human Needs"
1985 National Council
New Directions in Planning, Zoning, and Housing (Astrid Monson)
League Joins Women's History Week ... Status of Women
Warm Welcome to New League Members...
Kudos for "Dames at Sea" work
League and Community Calendar - April/May 1985

The State Convention is Coming!

Saturday, May 18, 1985 is State Convention, and delegates from the neighbor islands will be in town. That means six (6) or so League members will appreciate a place to stay for one or two nights. (5/17 & 5/18). IF YOU CAN BOARD SOMEONE FOR BED AND BREAKFAST, PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE... We will match you with an appreciative Leaguer!!

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