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Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1985

House committees have completed a series of regional hearings on HR 700, the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1985. The bill would reverse the impact of the Supreme Court's sweeping Grove City College v. Bell decision, which significantly weakened several key civil rights statutes that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, race, age and disability in institutions receiving federal funds.

Prospects for passage in the House very good: The bill already has over 180 sponsor floor vote is expected in late April or early May and the bigger the margin of victory in the House, the greater the pressure on the Senate to follow suit.

In the Senate, two very different bills have been introduced, and a real battle is expected. The League-endorsed bill, S 431, is identical to HR 700. The second bill, S 272, introduced by Majority Leader Robert Dole (R KS), is an unacceptable substitute. S 272 would address only educational institutions, leaving federally-funded hospitals; transportation and housing program,: and other federally-supported institutions and programs free to discriminate provided the specific unit of the institution receiving funds is not discriminating. For example, under the Dole bill, even if a given ward in a hospital were operating with federal support, the hospital as a whole would be free to discriminate against would-be patients provided that the federally supported ward was not discriminating.

Please contact your Representatives and urge them to support HR 700. Contact your Senators and encourage them to support 5 431. Tell them that S 272 is unacceptable because it would leave too many institutions free to discriminate at the taxpayer's expense.

Reprinted from "Report from the Hill,

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