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Fund-Raisers: How Successful Are They?
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Fund-Raisers: How Successful Are They?

"Neither snow, nor sleet, nor storm...." could prevent 39 loyal Leaguers and their guests from enjoying LVW's April 1 fund-raiser: "Dames at Sea".

For this special performance, the Hawaii Performing Arts Co.'s (HPAC) troopers kicked their heels higher and even their voices sounded more melodious despite the torrential rains and the winds that howled outside. The show over, theater-goers and the cast relished the spread prepared by members. Of the evening's conviviality, the consensus was: "A good time was had by all."

Aside from the HPAC cast and staff, a vote of thanks goes to the Manoa Market Place Management for soliciting its member merchants for donations, Contributors were:

Kamigata Restaurant
Castagnola's Restaurant
Larry's Auto Parts, Inc.
Coffee Manoa
Safeway Stores

Chuck's Steak House
Tiffany Plant Co.
Sea Dreams
Advanced Photo Design
Gourmet Delicatessen & Ice Cream
Long's Drugs and Varsity Bakery

Members who deserve praise for their hard work are: Arlene Ellis and Jerry Hess, coordinators; Carolyn Wilson, bar; Petty Rogers, decorations; Claudia Patil, box office; Trudi Zelko and Marian Wilkins, food preparation, and Ja Soon him, program design.


Are LWV fund raisers successful If not, why not!

Although 47 tickets at $25 each were sold for the "Dames at Sea" musical, the project netted only $125.65. The food and liquor were donated by members. Door prizes were contributed by merchants of the Manoa Market Place. Committee members chalked up more than 56 hours of work, whinto dollars, totaled $450 in non-reimbursed service.

A week before the event, Co-Coordinator Hess, concerned that tickets were not moving, mounted in her own inimitable way a survey of members who had not responded.

Although Hess describes her poll as "very unscientific", the responses she elicited are deserving of evaluation...

Member Comments No. Polled

"Last time not enough to eat" 1

"Don't go out Monday nights" 1

"Didn't receive Aloha Voter by March 30" 2

"Had previous plans" 2

"Financial problems" 3

"Had out-of-town guests" 4

"Children's activities" 4

"Attending classes" 5

"Moved or moving out of own" 4

"Just plain 'no'" 5

"Husband won't go/has to check with husband" 6

"Illness or recuperating from illness" 11

"Has to get up early next morning/evening employment/busy season" 11

"On vacation or off island because of work" 15

"Already seen play" 7

Hess' study also contained these interesting demographic details about our Honolulu membership:

87 members are employed

10 by their own admission consider themselves 'infirm" or "too old"

5 are elected Legislators

2 are elected Councilwomen

2 are employed at the State Legislature

2 are employed at the City Council

7 members used to work either in the Legislature or City Council

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