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Hazardous Waste Management - General Meeting
Overview of How Hazardous Wastes Are Managed in Hawaii (Anna Hoover)
President's Message (Dorothy Lum)
Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1985
Fund-Raisers: How Successful Are They?
New Dimensions in Planning, Zoning and Housing (Concluded) (Astrid Monson)
Bitterman Talks on International Broadcasting
1985 State Convention
Neighborhood Board Study
Vote Count Proves Remunerative
YW LeaderLuncheon VIII
Aloha to New Members...
May - June Calendar

Neighborhood Board Study

Responses to the Neighborhood Board (NB) study have been dribbling in slowly. Al-so attendance at the two meetings has be-en disappointing.

Committee Chair Nancy Barker will report to the board on May 13 her group's findings. The Board then will decide the next course of action.

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