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[LWV of Hawaii State Convention]

Honolulu's delegates joined those from the Big Island and Kauai, the Education Fund representative, State Board members, and members-at-large (including one member from Molokai who is a MAL) for the LWV of Hawaii State Convention.

Entitled "Not such a Trivial Pursuit," it wasn't. Delegates conducted their business but in addition they heard how to/and how not to create effective direct mail requests from Thom Reece of Pacific Marketing Group and heard former Lieutenant Governor Tom Gill reflect on election laws.

Program adoption, budget adoption and election of the next board were the main considerations at the afternoon business session. Two new studies were included in the 1985-1987 state program.

Members are encouraged to become a part of these studies. Look. for more information in the Aloha Voter and state Leo Hana. Call the appointed chair and offer to become an active participant. If you know a non-League friend who might be interested, this is the time to bring them into League.

New studies will be:

  1. A study of Hawaii's election laws and procedures. This study can include, but not be limited to, the following areas: special elections (funding, scheduling, state regulation), primaries (presidential primary, open/closed primary, BOE primary), registration procedures, absentee ballot procedures.

  2. A study of vocational and alternative education in middle and secondary schools as a means for improving education for H youth.

A tight budget will permit the State League to provide service and guidance to local Leagues and underpin program costs.

One budget item of interest is a small sum to underwrite costs or provide incentive to a member who will be a daily "bill gatherer" during the legislative period. If you think you'd like to apply, let any of the state board members know.


New board members are: Anne Lee, President; Jeanne Trebor- MacConnell, Vice-President; Tisha Hickson, Secretary; Vickie Zaleski (Hilo League), Treasurer; Marian Hatton, Peter Herman, DeeDee Letts and Marion Saunders, Directors.

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