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LWVUS Long Range Plan

Mission Statement (as revised by national board, June 1984)

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy. General Objectives

  1. To establish positions on public policy through member participation and agreement.

  2. To take concerted actions that secure public policies consistent with League positions.

  3. To enhance citizen participation in federal, state and local government decisions.

  4. To increase citizen participation in the election process.

Strategic Directions (as revised by national board, March 1985)

Local Leagues/membership

  • Revise standards for Leagues to encourage flexibility of administrative structures. Enforce standards.

  • Simplify process for becoming a League and shift focus of activity during formation to advocacy.

  • Reform program-making and member-agreement processes by using direct communication to members and direct communication of individual member opinion to appropriate board. Provide meeting-ready materials.

  • Conduct pilot projects for LWVUS handling of membership renewals, dues collection and list maintenance.

  • Pursue strategies at each level of the League to achieve net membership growth each year.

  • Permit individuals to join local League of their choice or become members-at-large.

  • Provide funding for field staff to work with state Leagues to strengthen existing Leagues (and), as a pilot project, to form new Leagues in areas with potential to sustain a League.

  • Organize Leagues around pursuit of an issue. Advocacy and education

  • Implement an advocacy agenda at each level of the League; involve all levels in implementation of national advocacy agenda.

  • Revise focus of LWVEF to increase involvement in primary research and future-oriented analysis of public policy issues and to increase activist approach in its traditional activities.

  • Reform program-making and member-agreement processes. . . (see Local Leagues/membership).

  • Reflect advocacy agenda and LWVEF focus in national publications plan.

State Leagues

  • Change council into an effective leadership development opportunity.

  • Implement at state level: the program and administrative directions recommended for the national level; use of cost-benefit analyses; budgeting for staff; focus of membership efforts on existing Leagues and members-at-large, not formation of new Leagues; tapping services available from national office.

  • Implement national assistance to state Leagues by: targeting field service to state Leagues with specific needs; developing consultant corps; revising and enforcing standards for Leagues to encourage flexibility of administrative structures; promoting regional cooperation by pilot projects; providing funding for field staff work with state Leagues...(see Local Leagues/membership).

Financing the League

  • Replace per-member-payment (PMP) system*

  • Adopt realistic dues to provide adequate support for all levels of the League.

  • Improve national effectiveness in direct mail and other nondues income-generating techniques.

  • Aggressively pursue nondues income at national level from new sources and strengthen financial base of LWVEF while targeting grant and contract activities.

Internal and external communications

  • Reshape national publications program to further directions in Long Range Plan.

  • Use annual publications plan to ensure that: national publications further League objectives; are appropriate for markets; promote membership growth; and are analyzed on the basis of cost and benefits.

  • Increase use of radio and TV.

  • Market products aggressively. National board/national office

  • Develop cost-accounting systems for the national level in order to use cost-benefit analysis in evaluating activities.

  • Implement computer capability in the national office with long-term potential to link with Leagues.

  • Examine allocation of resources between LWVUS and LWVEF.

  • Strengthen policy-making role of national board and reduce time demands on board members.

  • Reorganize national board to eliminate individual portfolio assignments.

  • Reform and revitalize process for identifying and selecting national leadership.

*The board has no plans to recommend a change in the PMP system at this time.

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