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[Position Statement - Neighborhood Boards]

The Board approved the following position statement at the June meeting:

The league of Women Voters of Honolulu believes the Neighborhood Board system should be continued.

Changes in the Neighborhood Board system should be considered which will facilitate neighborhood participation in government or emmental processes.

Areas in which changes should be considered include the qualifications for commission members and their assistance with Neighborhood Board operations.

Amplification for the statement, as well as additional committee materials, are on file in the office. The committee ill continue to monitor activities of the neighborhood commission and staff and the neighborhood boards. Revision of the Neighborhood Plan is now being done and we will provide the appropriate input with our position now in hand.

Mahalo to all who contributed to the study and to the consensus process. The next phase is advocacy and action. Interested members are welcome to join those members continuing to work in this area. Call Nancy Marker at 955-1555 (work) or 377-5036 evenings.

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