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[President's Message]

Aloha and mahalo to member Carla Anette who has donated her professional services to provide a new portrait for use in this year's VOTER.

This is just one example of "in-kind' service that League volunteers provide.


And the need continues. If you can volunteer in the office once a week, or once a month, let us know. If you have not been called to be on a committee, step forward. If you want to be one of the vote-count "regulars," tell us. Call the office, #531-7448, and 1 a message on t tape if no er, there

Arlene Ellis continues on the board with the primary duty as Vote Count Coordinator. Yvonne Kearns continues as membership chair; she is assisted by Dorothy Turnbull and Fay Hill as callers to new members or potential now or "drop" members. [We also have a band of callers on tap IIILaction alerts and other adhoc calling needs.

New board member, Kathy Albu, will be sharing duties with Astrid Monson in co-chairing our Planning and Zoning Committee. Opal Sloane is coordinator for the Transportation Committee; Nancy Marker remains as chair of the Neighborhood Board Committee, and I am temporarily chairing the study on sources and uses of city funds. Call any of us to join the committee of your choice

Or contact Dorothy Murdock if you want to join as an observer or monitor at city meetings. These include: council committees, regular council meetings, Planning Commission.

Dorothy and Katy Loew have been appointed to the board and will serve until the next annual meeting. Katy has been Honolulu's voice on KHVH's "Viewpoint" for the last year. She will continue in this role and take on other P.R. duties working with Jean Aoki.

We continue to have guest editors for the Aloha Voter and will welcome a member who would like to come forward with an offer to be a permanent part of this important membership newsletter. Don't be shy--call me today.

Reporters for the Voter will include Joan Davenport on energy and Helen Whorton on international relations. Their occasional articles will supplement information you receive through your Additional Voter.

The above is an outline of some of League activities. Share the time and talents you have, as you are able. We will all be grateful.


Dorothy Lum

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