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Membership Meeting - September 19, 1985
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You Can Put the League on TV! (Katherine Loew & Dorothy Lum)
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Coordinator's Training

Time on your hands? Not a lot of time, but some?

Here is your opportunity to get involved in an effort that provides much needed funds for your League as well as a visible community service.

For all you wonderful volunteers who have given so much of your much appreciated time in the past years in our vote count work, we are providing a COORDINATOR'S TRAINING SESSION. Members who have not participated are also encouraged to take part.

If you have had a secret, or not so secret, desire to run one of the vote counts, sign up for one or more of the following x's:

TUESDAY AUGUST 20th 10 a.m.-noon WEDNESDAY SEPT. 4th 10 a.m.-noon SATURDAY SEPT. 14th 10 a.m.-noon

Call the office or Arlene Ellis at #941-3724 to say when you will be attending.


A full-time Leaguer, a part-time Leaguer, "I can only give you this month" Leaguer, "I can only help you from my home" Leaguer----we need you all.

With the summer hiatus almost over, League is looking forward to another action-filled year. We need to start planning to bring alive the action programs and the study programs we adopted for this coming year.

Are you interested in administrative work --- lobbying --- research --- keeping records --- writing --- office work --- monitoring meetings --- study groups --- vote counts-- reading??? We've got room for everyone. Just find your niche.

Have you any skills you can share? Like being able to draw a pig that looks like a pig. Or have you an idea for a great fundraiser?

Ideas, hands, bodies, legs --- WE NEED THEM ALL;

WRITE OR CALL THE OFFICE TOMORROW MORNING. Indicate your interest. You'll be picked up for sure.

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