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Membership Meeting - September 19, 1985
President's Message (Dorothy Lum)
You Can Put the League on TV! (Katherine Loew & Dorothy Lum)
Running to Win
Aloha United Way
Election Law Study (Marian Wilkins)
International Relations
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Action Alert: Star Wars

Aloha to New Members

King, Jean S. P.O. Box 10517 Honolulu, 96816 #732-155

Zeldo, Trudi 2810 Manoa Rd. Honolulu, 96822 #988-4554

Okamura, Tom (Rep.) 99-060 Kauhale Aiea, HI 96701 , r#488-7093 b#548-7805

Stott, Mary Lou 360 Dune Circle Kailua, 96734 #262-4557#254-1515

Levy, Sylvia L. P.O. Box 3564, Honolulu, 96811 #955-8660

Lind, Ian and Meda 145-5 Hunakai St. Honolulu, 96818 r#737-5428 b#948-7531

Endrizal, Beverly 1188 Bishop St., #2611 Honolulu, 96813 r#395-0722 b#544-0988

Duckworth, Sandra 1629 Kuhilani St. Honolulu, 96821 #373-2238

Wilbert, Judy - 5448 Opihi St. Honolulu, 96821 #373-4557


Van Houten, Linda

Emanuelson, Mary D.

Ritchie, Sydney

Iams, Ruth

Zavitkovsky, Ann

Hinkley, Louise


Farwell, Barbara- to the Boulder Valley, CO League


Dodd, Learmont, Brown, DeFazio, Kreinik, Metz, Shaw, Conant, Morse, Yamashita, Jacobson, Kosoc/ Rodrigues, Grossman, Alexander.


We are preparing the fall roster. It will reflect changes and complete update of membership address and phone information. If you wish to-receive your Voter and other League info. and note that a change should be made in your data, DO LET US KNOW!!!

Members joining at the LWVUS level are considered full-fledged members at the local level and we will include their data in the roster and we welcome them to full participation in League activities.


A new format and style in your fall National Voter will help present the Financing the Federal Government information that we will all need in order to respond to consensus questions.

Look for it and watch for local news on unit/discussion groups on the same subject.

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