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Parliamentarians' Workshop

Has the intricacies of the parliamentary procedure ever stymied your attempts to persuade a group to a certain course of action or accept your views at a meeting? The annual workshop of the Hawaii State Association of Parliamentarians scheduled for September 7, 1985 at the Westin Ilikai Hotel may be of interest to some of you.

The morning workshops, all led by profession registered parliamentarians include:

  1. "Let's Get the Show on the Road!" All about the agenda for a meeting. Instructor: Dr. Rex Parker

  2. What Kind of Motion is This?" Details how to use incidental motions. Instructor: Steve Glanstein

  3. How to Do What you Want to Do at Meetings" Hints on how members can improve their participation in meetings. Instructor: James E. Howard

  4. "What Comes Next?" Motions in order of Rank. Instructor: Yutaka Nakahata

  5. "Those Elected Are..." Covers elections and methods of voting. Instructor: Benedict Goo

  6. "Taking the Bull by the Horns" Aids for the presiding officer. Instructor: Dorothy Connel

There will be three morning sessions with #1 and #2 being offered in the first session, #3 and #4 being offered in the second session and #5 and #6 in the third session. You are asked to indicate the topic of your choice for each session.

The afternoon session will include a panel answering prepared questions on "actual problems encountered in organization meetings" followed by a practice session.

The fee for this workshop is $25.00 which includes coffee and lunch. Those interested might call Dorothy Connell, Phone 946-4557 or 943-1450 for further information or a copy of their registration form.

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