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Membership Meeting - September 19, 1985
President's Message (Dorothy Lum)
You Can Put the League on TV! (Katherine Loew & Dorothy Lum)
Running to Win
Aloha United Way
Election Law Study (Marian Wilkins)
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Action Alert: Star Wars

[President's Message]

Summer will draw to a close soon and League programs will begin. Dorrie Marsh and her program planning committee have sketched unit and general meeting plans for September through M ay. They will strive to vary meeting times, places and formats to meet the needs of you, our members.

Do mark League activities on your calendar as soon as you receive the Voter. And bring your neighbor, work partner and/or friend.

The first event is designed especially for those who have joined in the last year or so. But "oldtimers" are welcome, of course. It is a perfect time to invite your acquaintance -- the one you always were going to invite to a League meeting, but never got around to asking. Do it now!

Join me is saying, "Aloha and say mahalo to members Jean Aoki and Lucile Blackett." They guest edited this Voter. We still need a member to step forth and offer her/his services for this job. It will entail being a part of the board in order to see the scope of activities which should be reported to the members, and receiving appropriate materials mid-month and editing them in time for the printing deadline. We have a typist ready to assist and a hardy band of labelers who enjoy preparing the Voter for the bulk mailing. All we need is you!

There are other opportunities to join in. See Marian Wilkins' article on the Election Law study and the State Study article; do come forward.

Our decision to take advantage of the cablevision proposal will also depend on member interest. [See the article by Katie Loew] We will need a regular band of members who want to learn more about camera work, script writing, moderating and other aspects of program production before we will feel comfortable embarking on this adventure. Should we sail forth? It will depend on you. It seems to be a wonderful way to tell the League message, to bring League programs into member's (and the public's) homes, and to "meet" community leaders and concerned citizens first hand, What do you think? We want to hear from you!

Dorothy Lum

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