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Membership Meeting - September 19, 1985
President's Message (Dorothy Lum)
You Can Put the League on TV! (Katherine Loew & Dorothy Lum)
Running to Win
Aloha United Way
Election Law Study (Marian Wilkins)
International Relations
State Studies
Speaker's Bureau
Vote Count
City Doings
Coordinator's Training
Aloha to New Members
Parliamentarians' Workshop
Action Alert: Star Wars

[Vote Count]

Arlene Ellis and the dozens of volunteers who have conducted elections and counted ballots for the many organizations who have requested our services have earned League much of the money that pays our office rent and finances our many activities. Call the office and get on the list of vote count volunteers. You may not be able to help at every vote count, but any help is welcomed. Besides, they can be a lot of fun!

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